Python/Flask Developer

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Python/Flask Developer

Toronto, Ontario




Job Description

Region: Greater Toronto Area

Employment Type: Contract

Security Clearance: No Clearance Required

Language Requirements: English

Job Reference Number: 37469-KC



  • 2+ years of Flask Framework
  • 4+ years of Python
  • 2+ years of Pytest
  • 2+ years of REST API
  • 2+ years of
  • 1+ years of any NoSQL Database
  • 1+ years of Test Driven Development
  • Nice to have Cloud Application Development in Google Cloud, Azure, etc.


Project Description:


The CBC Digital Products team requires full stack web application development expertise specializing in Python/Flask framework to build the application. In addition, an expertise on video streaming technologies and web video player is also nice to have for designing various solutions for the application. The user interface of the application is being built using Vue.js Javascript framework for the user interface. The front-end development uses Vuetify semantic component framework and supports Typescript. The back-end api layer and modules run on Flask/ Python. The development team uses Test Driven Development approach and uses Jest and Pytest for testing. Web services are using REST API designed using Swagger. The application is deployed on VMs running on Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and on-prem servers; and uses Firebase database. There is also ongoing work to leverage for realtime, bi-directional communication between web clients and servers.


Service Requirements – Qualifications:


The service provider will design, develop and build various features of the web application LiveBoss. The list of features to be designed and implemented by the service provider will include but is not limited to the following:

  1. Identity and access management framework
  2. Workflow and content management for the lifecycle of live streams
  3. User notification and alerts
  4. Various logging such as data logging, usage and activity logging for troubleshooting, analytics and monitoring
  5. Previewing and editing live streams, archived video clipping
  6. Video monitoring service and QoS reporting
  7. Analyze and optimize overall architecture (software, server and DB configuration and cloud orchestration)



  1. Provide design documentation and developed code for the features listed
  2. Provide documentation on analysis of the overall architecture of LiveBoss and recommendations on optimization

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